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20Talk Mental Health Interview

Galvins x 20Talk

What is 20Talk?

20Talk offers a platform to help young adults integrate mental health tools into their life.


Leighton Bradfield

20Talk is a registered mental health education charity. ”Our purpose is to meet young people where they’re at,
offer them an ear, and when applicable challenge them to grow.”


Galvins x 20Talk

Early August 2023, 20Talk & Galvins Plumbing Supplies were in discussion on allowing our employees to speak out about mental health,
so after a few weeks we all got the ball rolling and got the time to have interviews done!

Without 20Talk, we wouldn't be able to learn and be trained on how to help our colleagues.

Galvins Plumbing Supplies

Galvins Plumbing Supplies have had the amazing opportunity to learn Mental Health Training, this has better equipped us to acknowledge issues and understand how to deal with them.

During these interviews we got to learn how our colleagues manage stress, mental health & life issues that they have overcome. Regardless of it being recorded and shown publicly, you still get to see a raw and emotional side of people you work next to.

How to support 20Talk

20Talk solely recieve support through sponsorships, donations & partnerships. If you are looking to donate click here


Lachlan O'Donoghue

“Two of our close friends lost their mental health battles. No one could've seen it coming and no one knew how to react."
“For me personally, the reason for 20talk is to hopefully prevent even just one person making that decision,
and to save families and mates from having to go through the same heartache.”

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