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They Profit who Serve Best

“The ongoing success of Galvins is attributed to our loyal customer base, of whom there are many thousands, and our dedicated staff who contribute so much” Roy Galvin

The Galvins Story

Mr Roy Galvin commenced business at 452 Murray Street, Perth on the 4th of March, 1933 which was during the great depression era and at that time had one employee which was Roy’s brother Len.

The company had a slow, but positive start and after two years of trading moved premises to 231 William Street, Perth in 1935. On either side of the new location were a butcher, grocer, wicker and a gun smith, all of whom were to be absorbed into the growing plumbing supply operation.

Behind the William Street shop was a brass foundry, Premier Engineering, in which Mr Roy Galvin and Mr Larry Duffy each shared a fifty percent ownership. Upon the retirement of Mr Duffy in 1967, Mr Galvin assumed full ownership, by which time in addition to producing brassware there was also various kinds of concrete plumbing products being produced.

Galvins continued growth saw the acquisition of other properties, until finally attaining a total area of six thousand eight hundred square metres which was bounded by William, Francis, Lake and James Streets. The company enjoyed ongoing success at this location until 1990, at which time Head Office was relocated to its current address of 3-5 Sundercombe Street, Osborne Park.

In addition to Head Office, Galvins have also developed a substantial branch network of twenty one stores which are conveniently located across Western Australia from Kununurra in the north, down to Busselton in the South West, and Darwin in the Northern Territory.

Along with the growing number of stores also came a growth in staff numbers which is now in excess of one hundred and fifty. Whilst numbers have increased it is with great pride that Galvins have maintained the experience level for which it is renowned throughout the plumbing industry.

Whilst achieving phenomenal growth throughout its eighty two years of trading, Galvins Plumbing Supplies has remained a wholly owned West Australian Family Company which has seen a succession of three generations which began with Roy Galvin, followed by John Galvin and is currently with Mark and David Galvin.

Galvin Business Policy


, the customer, are the most important person in this business.
You, the customer, are not dependant on us, we are dependant on you.
You, the customer, are not an interruption to our work, you are the purpose of it.
We are not doing you a favour by serving you, you are doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so.
You, the customer, are not someone with whom to argue or match wits with, nobody has won an argument with a customer.
You, the customer, are someone who brings us your wants, that is what a customer is, in our business or any other business.

25 Year Honour Board

NameTime ServedStatus
Galvin RJ04.03.33 – 31.07.84 Retired
Galvin LM04.03.33 – 04.12.75 Retired
Eves F04.03.33 – 14.02.66 Retired
Foley M09.07.33 – 04.11.66 Retired
Clarke EM01.06.39 – 02.08.64 Retired
Galvin JR01.12.49 – 30.01.98 Retired
Simms DE09.10.53 – 10.09.93 Retired
Newham NF11.01.54 – 25.11.87 Retired
Eves RJ10.10.60 – 05.05.95 Retired
Leicester LD26.01.60 – 28.01.00 Retired
Gorn AJ31.07.61 – 24.09.04 Retired
Matthews EC31.07.61 – 30.01.86 Retired
Fusco A11.08.69 – 13.12.00 Retired
Green PR13.07.70 – 15/01/2016 Retired
Beaton RE14.12.70 – 07.07.05 Retired
Brown GJ02.03.72 - Serving
Bock FJ07.03.72 - Serving
Edwards. M20.03.72 - Serving
Bensley GJ24.07.73 - Serving
Johnston GN02.12.74 - Serving
Gates GF11.08.75 – 05.07.03 Retired
McComish LW12.04.76 – 31.03.03 Retired
Denkewitz G06.07.76 – 11.05.07 Retired
Thompson KA20.07.76 – 03.12.2014 Retired
Robins RJ22.11.76 - Serving
Lyttle MB20.01.77 - Serving
The Cleaners31.05.77 - Serving
Melville JD07.03.78 – 11.11.05 Retired
Tope RG12.02.81 – 13.03.07 Retired
Bone WD18.01.83 – Serving
Sayers JW30.01.84 – Serving
Dargan KN30.04.84 - Serving
Bennell DR29.01.85 – Serving

Galvins Store Openings

452 Murray Street Perth Mar 1933 [commenced]
231 William Street Perth 1935


Osborne Park 1953
Willetton July 1972
231 William St – Perth 1977 [enlargement]
Osborne Park 1977 [enlargement]
Wanneroo Oct 1980
Bassedean Oct 1988
Spearwood Mar 1990
Pier Street – Perth Jun 1990
Osborne Park 1990 [head office relocation]
Port Hedland Jan 1996
Busselton Sep 1996
Nedlands Feb 1997
Port Hedland Jun 1997 [enlargement]
Kelmscott Mar 2001
Karratha Apr 2002
Perth – Aberdeen St Oct 2004 [relocation]
Mandurah Nov 2004
Broome Apr 2007
Welshpool Dec 2008
Clarkson Mar 2009
Mandurah Nov 2009 [relocation]
Port Hedland Mar 2010 [enlargement]
Bunbury May 2010
Karratha Dec 2010 [enlargement]
Geraldton Apr 2011
Kununurra Mar 2012
Newman Apr 2014
Darwin Apr 2015
Rockingham Mar 2016

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