Payment Options

BPAY – Use your internet online bank account and enter our biller code number 41392 and then your Galvin account number (without the dash), which appears on your monthly statement. *MasterCard and Visa accepted through BPAY.

Alternatively, phone your financial institution and utilise our Biller Code No. 41392 and your Account Number.

BPoint – convenient online or telephone payment option.

Click here to make BPoint payment

EFT – Make a direct electronic payment from your online bank account to our account.
Banking details can be found on the bottom of your invoice or statement.

*Please make sure you reference your account or invoice number when making a payment

Terms of Payment

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Standard Goods Returned
A return fee is applicable to all standard materials that are returned to Galvins. This is to cover the time and effort in raising, processing and delivering the original order.

There is no guarantee that materials can be returned to Galvins and our agents and manufacturers. In some instances agents and manufacturers will accept a return from Galvins, however they may charge a return fee, which Galvins have no alternative but to pass on to the purchaser, and this fee can be as high as 50% of the purchase cost.

Specially Manufactured Goods Returned
Today’s market calls for many specially manufactured items. Care must be taken to ensure details given are correct, as specially manufactured goods will not be received back for credit by any manufacturer or agent.

There will be a charge for any delivery incurred on retail sales.

Information Disclaimer
Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of all general and technical information contained in this publication and it is provided as a reference guide only. Galvins Plumbing Supplies does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage by the use of such information.